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Our recent personal injury litigation settlements and jury verdicts.

To date, we have represented thousands of victims of personal injury, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence and civil rights violations. Below are just a few of our recent settlements and jury verdicts. For more information on what we can do for you, please contact us for a free consultation.


  • $2.3 Million – Settlement reached where a truck went through a red light, striking the plaintiff’s vehicle. The plaintiff sustained fatal injuries and died after being confined to a hospital for three months with paralysis from the neck down.
  • $2 Million – Settlement reached on behalf of a 52-year-old man who was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle, was thrown into the air and, as a result, sustained brain damage.
  • $2 Million – Settlement reached on behalf of a child that was struck by a city vehicle as she was crossing an intersection and suffered brain damage as a result of the trauma.
  • $1.6 Million – Settlement was reached for a nurse who suffered a herniated disc, which required surgery after a sanitation truck struck her automobile.
  • $1.35 Million – Settlement reached on behalf of a 31-year-old passenger who sustained injuries to his ankle when the vehicle that he was in, driven by his brother-in-law, skidded off the road and struck a tree.
  • $900,000 – Settlement reached on behalf of a 16-year-old boy who suffered brain damage when his bicycle was struck by a motor vehicle.
  • $750,000 – Jury awarded a 43-year-old man who suffered a herniated and a bulging disc after the vehicle that he was in was rear-ended by the defendant’s vehicle.
  • $425,000 – Settlement reached on behalf of an 85-year-old woman who was ran over by a car backing out of the driveway and caused her to suffer rib and pelvic fractures.
  • $260,000 – Settlement reached on behalf of a 61-year-old man who while driving his vehicle and waiting to make a left turn at an intersection, was hit in the rear, causing soft tissue injuries to his neck, back and shoulder.


  • $1.2 Million – Jury awarded 24-year-old woman who suffered a torn knee cartilage (medial meniscus) and chrondromalacia after slipping on water and slush at the entrance of a building which did not have proper matting.
  • $600,000 – Settlement reached for a 47-year-old lady who slipped on a dust pan while exiting a lady’s room stall, sustaining a fracture to her leg.
  • $470,300 – Jury awarded a 41-year-old man who suffered two herniated discs after falling down a flight of stairs because of a defective condition on the step.
  • $360,000 – Settlement reached on behalf of a 72-year-old lady who fell as she was exiting a building through its revolving door. The revolving door was defective in that it was not equipped with a speed control to prevent it from revolving at a fast pace. As a result, one of the door’s wings hit her from behind, causing her to sustain a fractured hip.
  • $300,000 – Settlement reached on behalf of woman who fell down a staircase and suffered a herniated disc.
  • $247,500 – Settlement reached for a 41-year-old lady who sustained a herniated disc in her neck, after entering a supermarket and getting hit from behind by the automatic door, while stopped to look at a display that had been placed there by the supermarket.
  • $200,000 – Settlement reached on behalf of a 60-year-old lady who tripped over an object left on the floor by a construction company doing alterations to a bank. As a result, she sustained a fractured nose and a nerve injury to her elbow, which resulted in surgery.


  • $1,250,000 – Settlement reached on behalf of a 32-year-old pregnant woman, whose doctor failed to treat her for a strep infection, which resulted in heart damage and surgery.
  • $525,000 – Medical malpractice settlement received by patient as a result of a surgeon’s negligence in cutting a major artery during her birth which resulted in a brachial plexus injury


  • $550,000 – Settlement reached against a manufacturer of police scanners for partial loss of hearing as a result of a defective ear phone.
  • $525,000 – Settlement reached against a bus manufacturer for a defective wheel hub causing a wheel to come off the bus and injure the driver who sustained injuries to his back.


  • $2 Million – Settlement reached against the City of New York for client who sustained spinal injuries, including paralysis, as a result of a dangerously designed highway merge.


  • $1.5 Million – Settlement reached for a county employee who suffered a lung injury as a result of a chemical company’s employee’s negligence in mixing chemicals which led to a toxic gas explosion.


  • $2.3 Million – Settlement reached on behalf of the victim’s family where a vehicle went through a red light, striking the plaintiff’s vehicle. The plaintiff sustained fatal injuries and died after being confined to a hospital for three months with paralysis.


  • $475,000 – Jury awarded 41-year-old seaman who suffered psychological trauma after a man challenged him to a fight and pulled out a knife.
  • $300,000 – Settlement reached for 25-year-old man who lost partial vision in one eye as a result of a brawl which occurred in a bar.


  • $765,000 – Settlement reached for a 40-year-old construction worker who was working in a muddy condition, when he slipped and fell. His injuries included a torn meniscus to his knee, shoulder tear and carpal tunnel syndrome to his wrist, all of which resulted in surgery.

Please note that these verdicts and settlements are presented merely as an illustration of our past successes on behalf of our clients. We cannot guarantee specific results on any case due to the fact that each case is unique.