A Winning Resume

There is a plethora of New York-based injury and malpractice attorneys to choose from; so how do you know who’s the best. The best way to inform yourself about a particular lawyer or law firm is to look at their resume. If the law firm has a history of winning cases that are similar to yours, you can then infer that they have adequate experience in pertinent civil court proceedings. Law firms should want to boast about their successful cases. If you can’t find a list of cases won on a law firm’s website, it’s most likely because they don’t have any accomplishments worth displaying. ISK, on the other hand, has some noteworthy cases that they’re more than happy to talk about. Here are just some of the many cases that ISK have won for their clients.

New York Auto Accident

Motor accidents are plentiful and incredibly dangerous. One of the leading causes of death in America, motor vehicle accidents can result in life-altering injuries. This being the case, it’s important that your NY auto accident lawyer does everything in their power to win a potentially life-altering case. ISK reached a $2.3 million settlement for a client after a truck ran a red light and killed the victim.

New York Slip & Fall

It is the responsibility of the property owners -both private and public- to make sure that their properties are safe. If they fail to create a safe setting for those who are on their property, they may be dealing with legal issues down the road should an injury occur due to their negligence. Water that was left standing ended up causing a hazard for a 24-year-old client who ended up suffering torn knee cartilage and chondromalacia after slipping on the water.

New York Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice takes place when a doctor creates or exacerbates an injury due to negligence. ISK was able to win a $1,250,000 settlement on behalf of a 32-year-old pregnant woman whose doctor mistreated her for strep infection which led to heart damage and surgery.

Accidents Can Occur At Any Time; Know What to Look For

Most injuries sustained during our daily routines don’t happen as a result of malevolence on behalf of another person. In fact, an overwhelming amount of injuries is sustained due to negligence. Negligence can show itself in a number of different ways. It’s important that we know what to look out for when we’re attempting to determine if a party is at fault or not. Here are a few situations where negligence was at play.

Slip & Fall

Private and public properties are expected to be safe for visitors. If a property has been left in disrepair, or the responsible party has neglected to deal with a safety hazard and a visitor or employee is injured. As a result, a litigation battle may be on the horizon. If you slipped and fell on another person’s property, do not immediately blame your own clumsiness. Examine your surroundings and attempt to figure out if your injury was your own fault or the result of negligence on the part of the property owner. Use common sense to determine whether a spill should’ve been cleaned up or a hole filled. If you have any questions, be sure to get in touch with a New York slip and fall lawyer.

Sidewalk Accident

Although anything can happen every time we step outside of our homes, we don’t expect anything out of the ordinary to occur. Despite our expectations, there may be a time when we’re injured going about our day. Being that so many of us spend time using public sidewalks, it makes sense that they would be the setting for an injury. The owner of the sidewalk or parking lot is in charge of keeping it safe for all citizens. If it hasn’t been maintained to a safe standard, the negligent party may soon be receiving a call from a New York accident or injury attorney.

Elevator Accident

The last place we’d want to experience an injury would be in or around an elevator. Despite our best efforts, these injuries do occur. When they do, call an elevator accident lawyer in New York.

What to Know About Nursing Home Neglect

When our loved ones are in retirement homes, we expect their stays to be peaceful and full of leisure time. The last thing they expect to be dealing with is negligence on the part of the staff. But, as we know far too well, those in nursing homes are taken advantage of far too often. Due to their age, they become easy targets. Negligence within the nursing home can manifest itself in a number of ways. Hire a nursing home negligence lawyer based out of New York to have a pair of keen eyes by your side as you look for signs of nursing home neglect. In the meantime let’s look into a few of the most common ways in which residents of nursing homes are neglected.

The main reason that the elderly enter nursing homes is that they can no longer take care of themselves. This means that assistance is vital for their quality of life. If residents of nursing homes are repeatedly ignored, left alone, or emotionally mistreated, their quality of life will inevitably be diminished. Such treatment is a clear sign of willful negligence.

As people who cannot fend for themselves, nursing home patients require employees to carry out basic duties for them. These functions may include washing clothes, helping to maintain personal hygiene, giving baths, etc. The aforementioned are basic needs that all humans should be entitled to.

Food, water, shelter, and a clean environment must be provided by all nursing homes. If the home in question doesn’t satisfy the previously stipulated standards, they have breached their agreement with the nursing home resident and can be legally penalized in a court of law.

Another common way in which nursing homes deprive residents of necessary services is by failing to provide them with adequate medical attention. The elderly are bound to run into medical issues. When this happens, their voices need to be heard.

Should at least one of the aforementioned issues happen to a loved one, you need to get in touch with a New York nursing home lawyer.

When a Motorcycle Accident Can Turn Into a Civil Court Case

Motorcycle accidents are both plentiful and dangerous. In 2015, 4,976 Americans died while riding a motorcycle. 88,000 sustained injuries due to accidents that took place while riding a motorcycle. While motorcycles are intrinsically more dangerous than cars, they are afforded the exact same rights on the road as cars. If you feel like your rights on the road have been infringed upon by another driver you need to get in touch with a New York personal injury or motorcycle lawyer.

If you have sustained a severe injury as a result of a motorcycle accident that occurred through no fault of your own you may want to get in touch with a motorcycle lawyer. In addition to your injuries, you’ll most likely have to pay expensive medical bills, take time off work, and deal with a potentially life-altering injury. To mitigate the financial, emotional, and physical damage that you’ve sustained, you’ll need financial backing. When dealing with civil motorcycle accident cases, people are typically dealing with insurance companies that are willing to cover the individual due to their inability to prove that the accident wasn’t their fault.

New York motorcycle accident lawyers specialize in creating compelling cases that result in a fair payout from insurance companies that previously refused to award policyholders a certain amount of money.

After an accident has occurred, you’ll want to take pictures of all vehicles involved and write down all pertinent license plate numbers. If at all possible, you should interview witnesses regarding the accident. Be sure to call the police and your car insurance company as soon as it is safe to do so.

Convincing a judge that a vehicle accident was not your fault can be a challenging endeavor that involves meticulous planning and solid evidence proving what occurred. Prepare yourself with an experienced lawyer by your side.