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brain injuries

Accidents happen every day in New York City, but you’d never expect one like this. A TBI, or traumatic brain injury, is an injury that results from a violent external force which causes the disruption of the brain’s normal function. The most common external forces that can lead to brain injuries involve blows to the head, which often occur during motor vehicle accidents or the penetration of the skull from a bullet of other force that leads to the damage of brain cells and tissue. Although the severity of the brain injury can change from case to case; the effects of a brain injury can include loss of memory, vision and hearing, emotional functioning, and movement.

The consequences of brain injuries extend past your injured loved one as well. The costs involved to take care and rehabilitating your loved one can drastically change the way your family lives. Why should you and your loved ones have to suffer for someone’s else’s negligence? Filing a brain injury lawsuit can be the best decision you make for your injured one, yourself, and your family.

Brain Injury & Birth Defects Cases

Similar to many personal injury cases, receiving compensation for the accident comes down to understanding how the accident occurred and who was liable for the accident. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, there may be multiple parties involved that were negligent – creating the hazardous situation that resulted in your loved one’s serious injury. A birth defects & brain injury attornies in New York City, with their years of experience in similar cases to yours, would know exactly what steps need to be taken to ensure that your loved ones don’t suffer after the traumatic incident.

Birth defects have a similar effect on the dynamics of a family unit. A birth defect is where your child is born with an abnormality that could have been influenced by environmental factors. Sometimes, these environmental factors can come from exposure to toxins, other times; the birth defect can result from medical malpractice. The consequences of a birth defect can affect both your family’s your child’s life. The newborn’s medical conditions will take time and money to ensure that your child gets the care and help they need. You and your family should not be the only ones that have to deal with the cost and time involved in taking care of a child with a birth defect – you need compensation to make sure that every need of your child will always be met.

To file a lawsuit for your child’s birth defect, your birth defects & brain injury attorney must gather evidence on the circumstances that caused the birth defect. If the findings point to medical malpractice, then it is your attorney’s role to prove that (1) the doctor was negligent and (2) the doctor’s negligence caused the injury – which will require the skills of a seasoned birth defects attorney. With the expertise of a birth defects & brain injury attorney at your side, you can rest assured that your loved ones will always be taken care of.

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