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Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson injury lawyers in Brooklyn help you get the compensation you deserve for accidents due to negligence. We will happily answer your legal questions, help you to understand your rights, and offer a free consultation on your claim.

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What is a personal injury claim?

A tort is a civil wrong that causes injury, harm, or loss to another and results in legal liability for the person who committed the act. When a claimant is seeking civil remedy, typically monetary damages, then it is best to work with a personal injury attorney who has experience in successfully winning the settlement that their clients deserve. A personal injury lawsuit is heard in civil court so there may be a parallel hearing in criminal court. 

The personal injury lawyers at Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson represent injured clients in Brooklyn, New York. We have won over $200 million in settlements for our clients. With decades of experience and representing injured clients, you can trust that our personal injury lawyers will treat you with respect and compassion while advising you on your rights and fighting aggressively against the insurance companies and other liable parties.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Regardless of how you were hurt, our attorneys at Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP are ready to help.

Medical Malpractice

Healthcare workers are supposed to help people, not harm them. Unfortunately, when healthcare providers misread or ignore laboratory results, make surgical errors, disregard taking appropriate patient history, fail to order proper testing or commit any other form of medical malpractice, then it could lead to serious injuries. If you trusted your doctor or another healthcare professional but they violated the standard of care and caused your injury, then call us for your free consultation.

Products Liability

There are three types of product liability: defective manufacturing, defective design, and failure to provide adequate warning or instructions on the proper use of a product. An infamous example of defective design is the Ford Pinto. Even if a product is designed well, if it is manufactured improperly, then that can lead to injuries. A drug or medication that fails to warn patients of negative side effects could cause serious injury.

Nursing Home Negligence

Families put an immense amount of trust in nursing homes. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a serious problem in Brooklyn and throughout the United States. Nursing home abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional or financial in nature. It is usually the result of overworked staff, understaffing, or hiring inexperienced staff. Abuse often continues because residents are incapable or afraid to report the neglect. Some signs of nursing home negligence and abuse include:

  • Bedsores
  • Dehydration
  • Falls
  • Isolation
  • Infection
  • Malnutrition
  • Reticence to speak in the presence of nursing home staff
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Unexplained bruises, cuts, or rooms
  • Unusual financial activity

Civil Rights

People in the United States have the right to sue the government for civil rights violations according to the Civil Rights Act of 1871. When a person acting as an agent of the state or local law enforcement deprives a person of their rights, privileges, or immunities guaranteed under federal law or the US Constitution, the plaintiff may prevail in their case. If you believe your civil rights have been violated by an agent of the state, then call Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson.

Wrongful Death

When a person dies because of another person or entity’s negligence or misconduct, then the surviving family members are eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The decedent’s loved ones can receive compensation for lost wages from the deceased, funeral expenses, the medical expenses incurred before the decedent’s death and lost companionship.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are uniquely vulnerable when traveling through city streets and most often result in deadly injuries. New York City’s motorcycle accident fatality rate is 89 per 100,000 registered motorcycles, which is twice the fatal crash rate for New York State outside of NYC, which is 46 per 100,000 registered motorcyclists. 

Construction Accidents

The insurance companies behind construction companies have their own teams of lawyers who will fight hard to defend them, so you need an attorney who is respected in New York and has maximized their clients’ recoveries. If you were injured in a construction accident in New York then two types of law will relate to your case: statutory law, which are labor laws, and common law. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auto accidents or some of the most common types of personal injury cases and one of the leading causes of death in the first 30 years of Americans lives. Over 35,000 people were killed in car crashes in 2015 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which equates to 96 fatalities per day. Auto accidents cause 2.3 million people to visit emergency rooms every year. There are a number of causes of car accidents including speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, foul weather, and recklessness.

Municipal Liability

Officials for cities, towns, and states are responsible for ensuring the safety of residents and visitors. Negligence by municipal employees, negligent highway design that leads to accidents or negligent maintenance of municipality premises, such as cracked sidewalks, can lead to injuries.


Property owners are obligated to maintain their property to keep it safe for employees and visitors but when a property owner does not address safety issues that then lead to injuries. Property owners, landlords and homeowners can be held liable for the injured victim’s damages. Slip and falls are a type of premises liability case such as when a person slips on the wet floor in a grocery store or trips on uneven pavement on a sidewalk.

Common Accident Injuries

Different types of accidents cause damage to the body that may not be immediately visible. In most accidents, a great amount of force is applied very quickly to the victim. The types of damages that they suffer will depend not only on the force of the impact but the direction it was coming from. Here are some of those common injury types.

Brain Injuries

A sudden blow or jolt to the head can cause injuries to the brain as it crashes against the inside walls of the skull. The severity of the traumatic brain injury (TBI) depends on the force of the impact and whether the skull was penetrated. Mild TBI leads to temporary cognitive symptoms such as headache, confusion, loss of coordination, ringing in the ears, sleepiness and nausea and vomiting. Moderate TBI occurs when there has been a loss of consciousness for several minutes up to six hours. Symptoms of mild TBI include disorientation, amnesia, headaches, sensitivity to light, mild depression and sometimes convulsions or seizures. Severe TBI can lead to coma and may render the victim unable to care for themselves.

Bone Fractures

Bones can fracture or break under the stress of impact in a car accident. Depending on the force and direction of the impact as well as the severity of the break, the injured victim may require a cast or even surgery in order to fully recover.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can occur after different types of accidents when the victim is exposed to a live current, comes into contact with dangerous chemicals that have leaked during the accident, explosions and, in the case of car accidents, after the deployment of an airbag. Infections and septic shock are two complications that are associated with burn injuries.

Neck and Back Injuries

Because the body absorbs a large amount of force from the impact after an accident, the discs in the spine can slip out of place resulting in a herniated disc. This compresses nerves in the lumbar or cervical spine, which can then lead to pain, weakness or numbness or tingling in the extremities. 

Whiplash is a common neck injury caused by the sudden forward and then backward movement of the head after impact. This sudden movement strains the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the neck and injures the nerves.  Whiplash often causes pain and stiffness in the cervical spine. If not treated, then the victim is at risk of developing long-term complications in their neck, shoulders and back.

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most dangerous types of back injuries and can lead to permanent nerve damage, or even temporary or permanent paralysis. The spinal cord can become injured if the force of the crash causes vertebrae in the spine to fracture and the bone cuts the spinal cord or surrounding nerves.

Neurological and Muscular Injuries

Nerve damage is caused by the trauma that has been inflicted from the impact of the car crash. This results in a tingling sensation in the limbs, muscle weakness, muscle twitching, numbness in the skin or shooting or radiating pain. Recovery will require treatment from an orthopedic specialist and a physical therapist. The medical bills for neurological and muscular injuries are usually very high.

How An Attorney Can Help You

Regardless of how you were hurt, the personal injury lawyers at Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP are ready to represent you in Brooklyn. We can help you recover compensation for your past and future lost wages, medical bills, damaged property, and other losses. We also protect you from insurance companies that try to undercut victims of personal injuries or twist their words to make them sure fault in their accident. At your free consultation, we will assess your claim and then conduct an investigation to build your case. We will interview any witnesses to your accident and call upon the services of expert witnesses whose testimonies can explain your injuries or how the accident happened. We want to help you move past this tragic time. Call now at (212) 267-6557 to set up your free consultation with one of the personal injury lawyers from Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson.