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NYC Hit And Run Accident Lawyer

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Hit-and-run drivers can instantly make your day terrible, especially if you are badly injured. It is illegal for a driver to crash into another vehicle and not take accountability for their actions. In New York City, hit-and-run drivers can be punished with fines and restrictions. They must pay court fees, and surcharges, and may even have to spend 15 days in jail. Other penalties include a revoked license and points on their driver’s license. If they harm someone and leave the scene, they can be criminally convicted. Despite all these scary penalties, hit-and-run drivers still try to get away after causing a serious car accident. If you experienced a hit-and-run accident recently, you should immediately reach out to personal injury lawyers after you’ve contacted the police. Working with a hit-and-run accident lawyer will help you receive fair compensation from the other party’s insurer if they are caught. To learn more about the process, speak to our driven and educated team. Contact Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP now for a free consultation in New York City. 

When should you get a lawyer for a car accident in New York City? 

First, you need to call the police to make sure they file a police report and are aware of the hit-and-run accident. Then they can begin investigating your case and do their best to catch the culprit. You can then reach out to our hit-and-run car accident lawyers to help clarify the personal injury claim process. An experienced personal injury lawyer can provide guidance swiftly. If you want to know if your claim is legitimate, all it takes is a quick case analysis. Furthermore, you can share your car accident experience while it is still current in your memory. Get medical help before speaking with your attorney so that you are physically checked on and see if you were injured. Which could result in medical bill expenses that your lawyer could fight for.

How much is a hit-and-run ticket in New York City? 

In New York, there are a variety of penalties that could result from leaving the scene of an accident. Included in them are fines ranging from $0 to $250 for property damage and from $250 to $5,000 for physical harm.

What is the charge for leaving the scene of an accident in New York City? 

A $88 to $93 fee is added to the total cost of the penalty if the driver flees the scene of the collision.

How common are hit-and-run accidents in NYC?

In NYC, hit-and-run accidents are very common. In 2020, there were 39,299 hit-and-run accidents. That is, on average, over 100 hit-and-run accidents per day. Sadly, cops only arrest less than 1% of hit-and-run drivers. If the hit-and-run driver causes a serious injury, they are much better at catching those negligent drivers. Out of 93 hit-and-run accidents that caused terrible injury, police have made 24 arrests. That means that if you suffered from a bad injury after your hit-and-run accident, the police have a 25% chance of catching who caused your accident. 

Hit and Run accident

What are the damages available for a hit-and-run accident?

Personal injury lawyers are very experienced in accurately calculating how much you should receive in damages. This includes economic and non-economic damages caused by your hit-and-run accident. 

Medical Expenses 

Initially, you would be required to pay for your own medical expenses. However, once your attorney seeks a settlement on your behalf, you can receive full coverage for any past, present, and future ongoing expenses. You may have to receive healthcare treatment, physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, surgery, imaging scans, and many other costly medical care.

Lost Wages

While you are recovering from your personal injury, you have to stay home from work. This is common because your injuries are too severe to allow you to work full-time. Your attorney estimates lost wages by adding up your missed work and multiplying it by your hourly rate. Calculating this gives you the total of your lost pay claim for the past, present, and future.

Property Damage

Any damage done to your vehicle that wasn’t covered by your insurance policy can be included in your settlement.

Pain And Suffering 

These losses represent the physical and psychological harm a victim experiences. Any significant physical or emotional distress you endure after an accident may count as pain and suffering for settlement purposes. For example, anxiety, depression, and PTSD are just some of the forms of pain and suffering you may have experienced.

Wrongful Death Damages

If you are an eligible survivor of a wrongful death victim that experienced a hit-and-run accident, you can receive compensation on their behalf. Wrongful death damages include additional damages that go beyond medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. For example, the survivors can claim their own pain and suffering they experienced because of the loss of a loved one. They can also claim pain and suffering damages that the victim endured. Other wrongful death damages include funeral and burial costs, loss of earning capacity, loss of mentorship, loss of guardianship, loss of consortium, loss of benefits, and many other damages. With your attorney’s help, you can identify which wrongful death damages you and any dependents are eligible for. 

Hit and Run accident

Common Accidents Caused By A Hit-And-Run Accident

There are numerous justifications that drivers make to unlawfully leave the scene of an accident. The most common causes of hit and run accidents include the following:

Uninsured Drivers

Some drivers lack the mandatory auto insurance required by the state, and because of this they break the law and flee the scene of an accident. They do not want to be subject to legal repercussions for breaking the law by not having car insurance, including the required fines.

Drunk Drivers

Because they do not want to be charged with DUI, many hit-and-run drivers may leave the site of an accident without aiding the victims. People who have been convicted of drunk driving in the past are more prone to run away.

Drivers With Outstanding Tickets Or Warrants

If a driver has outstanding warrants, they may flee the scene of the accident. They do this because police would probably arrest them if they looked up their license information. A driver with a history of traffic offenses may do a hit-and-run in an effort to avoid receiving further points against their record. This could also drive up their insurance premiums and result in license suspension.

Fight Or Flight Driver

Sometimes, when under pressure, a driver panics and makes a poor choice. Despite having a spotless driving record, the driver may have fled the scene of the collision out of fear. Because of the flight or flight response, some people’s natural reaction in times of stress is to flee. When news of the collision breaks, these drivers frequently surrender themselves.

Drivers In Legal Trouble 

A driver may flee the scene of the crash if they are concerned about negative repercussions from law officials. A driver who is not a United States citizen and has a suspended license in a prior traffic case, or is on parole can choose to risk attempting a hit and run. 

How Our Attorneys Can Help

Although the police must first catch the hit-and-run driver, your attorney can begin investigating and preparing your settlement claim. Once they are found and charged for committing a hit-and-run accident, your attorney can help you seek compensation in a settlement or civil lawsuit. Your attorney can help by doing the following:


When you meet with your attorney, they can inform you how the other party can be held liable and what they can do to help. They provide guidance and resources to help you through this difficult situation. 


Your attorney will investigate your claim and even work with other professionals to prepare your claim. For example, they can work with an accident reconstruction expert to figure out how the hit-and-run accident occurred. They will analyze photographic and video surveillance evidence and use this as proof. 

Eyewitness Testimonies 

Any eyewitnesses that saw the accident will be contacted by your attorney. Your hit-and-run accident lawyer will gather testimonies from them to strengthen your claim. 

Calculating Damages

Our law firm will make sure your settlement amount entirely reflects all of your damages. 

Reaching Out To Negotiate

Attorneys reach out to other parties on your behalf and continue the process of negotiation until they come to a reasonable settlement agreement. If the other party refuses to settle, they will file a lawsuit on your behalf and represent your case.

Work With Our Experienced Hit And Run Accident Law Firm

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