Determining who is at fault in an elevator accident

One of the great tools of making New York a thriving city is the use of a simple invention known as an elevator.  It has enabled the city to go vertical and turned the Big Apple into a great modern day metropolis.

People who use elevators on a daily basis probably don’t think twice about stepping on and off of one.  That’s because they trust that building managers and maintenance companies have done their job to keep the elevators safe and in good working order.

In addition, elevators (and escalators) are strictly regulated by city and state officials.  Owners must abide by highly detailed and regulated codes and inspections designed to protect the public before they can put an elevator into use.

However, despite this level of regulation, sometimes elevator accidents do take place.  They can include falls, stoppages in between floors, being stuck in an elevator, electrocutions and falling debris.  When that happens, and you have sustained injuries, no matter how minor, you should contact a lawyer to discuss possible legal action.

Elevator accidents are guided by premises liability laws which hold building owners and related parties responsible when accidents take place.  But in most cases, because elevators are found in larger buildings, it is rarely a simple thing to point the finger at a single party.  While property owners may be easy to blame, they can then point the finger at maintenance contractors.  Contractors can also justify placing blame on manufacturers, creating an almost endless game of who is at fault.

That’s why it’s critical to hire an experienced premises liability lawyer. They can stop the merry-go-round of blame and drill down to the facts of a case, speeding up a settlement to you and helping in your recovery.

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