How to Avoid a Construction Accident

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Construction zones are rife with hazards. Heavy machinery is constantly on the move, buildings are partially built, and workers are all over the place. Even more important than getting the job done, construction workers should focus on not getting injured while on the job. Injuries lead to less work being done, more stress, and potential lawsuits. If you had an accident while on the job, call a construction accident lawyer based in New York. Before an injury can take place, implement the following to ensure a safe environment.


Talking when on the job regarding any hazards or concerns is of vital importance when working construction. The lines of communication must remain open at all times. Workers must be in tune with each other to make sure that there is no miscommunication. Workers must be aware at all times where sensitive construction work is being done so as not to put themselves in the line of fire.

Tools & Reflective Vests

No matter what type of construction work is being done, vests and helmets must be worn at all time. Even if the construction zone is deemed to be minimally dangerous, workers must take necessary precautions. Head injuries are both common and potentially fatal, making it all the more important that helmets are worn. Vests increase visibility at construction sites and are integral pieces to creating a safe environment.

Take Breaks

When in a construction zone, one needs to be on full alert. Workers need to work in whatever weather conditions are present. This being the case, rain, snow, or a scalding hot sun all lead to quicker fatigue among workers. Keep the construction team alert by providing ample breaks. Make sure the crew is drinking plenty of water and doesn’t overheat.

For more questions regarding construction safety or work related litigation, contact a construction accident lawyer in the New York area.

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