In a city of walkers, sidewalk accidents are bound to occur

In blistering cold weather or harsh heat, New Yorkers are a hardy lot, preferring to walk to many of their destinations, beating traffic jams and getting a good dose of exercise.

Unfortunately, because New York is a city that continues to age, infrastructure in general, and sidewalks, in particular, continue to require ongoing maintenance.  Sometimes that happens in a timely manner.  And sometimes it does not.

Despite all this wear and tear, municipal government and private property owners have a duty to provide walkers with safe and well-maintained sidewalks and walkways.  When this doesn’t happen, and people trip or slip and fall, they may be entitled to seek compensation.

More than just a matter of maintenance, liability for sidewalk accidents can be the result of:

  • Uncleared snow and ice that creates a slipping hazard
  • Debris that clutters up a clear passage
  • Faulty construction that may include an improper slope, use of poor or inadequate materials
  • Tripping hazards due to grates, sidewalk vaults or other similar infrastructure items
  • Poorly lit areas that make it difficult to see obstacles and hazards

An attorney may represent a client and file a lawsuit under premises liability laws which hold property owners and landlords accountable for not only sidewalk accidents, but for all kinds of accidents taking place on their private property.

It’s best not to delay either because there are statutes of limitations under New York law.  For example, a person has 90 days to file a claim if the sidewalk in question is owned by a city or a town.

Premises liability laws can be complex, and most property owners, especially commercial property owners, will have an experienced legal team representing their interests.  To make sure you are fairly compensated for your medical bills, lost wages and other damages, it’s essential to make sure you also are well represented from the outset of your claim.

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