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Counsel form a Sidewalk Accident Lawyer in New York

Thousands walk along the sidewalks of New York on a daily basis – including you. When you walk to work, sometimes there are a few cracks on the sidewalk. Without a second thought, you avoid them by stepping over the cracks while making your way down the street. However, one day, on a sidewalk that was in serious disrepair, those cracks affected your safety. It may have happened right before your eyes – one moment you are walking down the street and the next you are flat on your back writhing in pain. There was nothing you could do to stop it. Moreover, now that you have serious injuries to deal with as well as medical bills to pay, you are at a loss of what to do. In seeking compensation to pay for your medical expenses and suffering, you can be one step closer from moving past this horrible accident.

Since your accident occurred on a sidewalk, you may wonder who is responsible for your injury. Answering this question isn’t always easy, but usually the party responsible will depend on the sidewalk’s location in New York. Was the accident on private or public property? If the accident was on private property, such as a mall, you will need to find out who the owner of the building is and who is in charge of maintaining the property. If the sidewalk is in public domain, then the city (such as New York City) or the town the accident occurred in may be liable for your accident. In answering these questions, it will be clear to you and a sidewalk accident lawyer in New York whom you will file a lawsuit against.

Who is Responsible for Your Sidewalk Injury

As soon as the accident occurs, seek medical help. Having medical records of the incident will place a time and date of when your accident happened as well as an official record of the injuries that you sustained. After you have left the hospital, and are physically able to, it is important to gather evidence for your case by returning to the place where you fell. Also, if there are any witnesses who saw you fall that can testify to the owner’s negligence in maintaining the sidewalk, then you should get their information. With this, the New York courts will know exactly the circumstances that you dealt with when you had your accident.

The difference between the company being liable or not liable largely depends on the nature surrounding the accident. Did the owner know about the cracks on the sidewalk prior to your injury? When you are pressing charges against the owner of the sidewalk, your attorney is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they failed to fix the hazard on the sidewalk while knowing about it.

Once you have gathered the evidence from the scene and the testimony of any witnesses that were at the scene, then you have done everything on your part to ensure that you receive compensation. The opposing counsel, despite your evidence, will try to argue that it was your own fault. With an accomplished sidewalk accident lawyer in New York, you will be able to get the compensation that you need.