Truck Accident Attorney in New York

truck accident

You have always been a little wary of the enormous trucks that plague the freeway. Driving behind one of these trucks, or even beside them, can create feelings of unease for any driver on the road. Yet, in the chaos of traffic, avoiding those large trucks is not always possible. Moreover, the one day that you are forced to drive near a truck, that truck loses control. Next thing, you find yourself in the midst of an accident with a larger, heavier vehicle moving faster than you could have ever imagined.

Unlike typical car accidents that happen every day in New York City, there is so much more to lose when you are involved in a truck accident. Due to the size of the truck; any injuries that you may experience can be severe and life threatening. If you or your loved ones have suffered personal injuries due to the negligence of a truck driver, then don’t wait for justice in silence. Seek the compensation your family deserves.

Truck Accident Claims

Who is responsible for this accident? Although we can easily state that the truck driver must have been negligent, there are usually more factors involved in the reasoning behind the accident. Some of the factors that lead to truck drivers losing control of their trucks include fatigue, driving schedules and expectations from companies that force truck drivers to make unsafe decisions, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, improper loading of the truck, speeding, lack of truck maintenance, etc. In some of these circumstances, the truck driver is not entirely at fault. With a truck accident attorney in New York, they will be able to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident and who’s to blame. Instead of solely the truck driver you may contending with the truck company itself or the contractor, the truck owner, the insurance companies involved, the party that incorrectly loaded the truck, etc.

Although your truck accident attorney will be conducting a thorough investigation, you can add strength to your case as soon as the accident happens by gathering evidence at the scene. If you personally weren’t severely injured, you can start taking pictures of everything that you see as well as the state of the truck driver. If you were rushed to the hospital, no worries. You and your New York truck accident attorney can look at surveillance cameras in the area, gather witness statements, uncover any photographs taken by third parties, drivers logs, and other information on the truck driver that is relevant to your case. With this, your seasoned attorney can begin building a solid case surrounding the accident you and your loved ones have suffered.

Of course, truck drivers and truck companies will immediately try to lessen their liability as soon as they can. In doing so, they can avoid having to pay much compensation or any compensation at all. Don’t let truck companies get away with the destruction that they’ve brought to your family. In hiring a truck accident attorney in New York City, you will be able to get justice for the horrific accident you and your loved one’s suffered.