What Happens If I’m Injured in a Bus Accident

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Quality public transportation is a boon to any city. NYC understands and appreciates the positive impact that bus transportation offers its citizens. Without quality public transport, many NYC residents wouldn’t be able to have certain jobs or travel to various parts of the city. While such transportation is appreciated, we must understand that if any injury occurs while riding a bus, the victim may have a case. Get in touch with a New York bus accident lawyer if you think you may want to press charges. To understand if you may have a case, let’s take a look at what may carry water regarding a bus accident civil case.

First, we must understand that there is potentially more than one party that can be at fault during a bus accident case. Bus drivers, the bus management company, equipment manufacturers, other drivers, as well as the government can all potentially be at fault should an accident and subsequent injury occur.

During the bus ride, riders should be on the lookout for a number of things such as reckless driving, driving under the influence, poor bus equipment, improper maintenance, odd route choice, etc. After a bus accident occurs, it’s important that you identify the person or parties at fault. This can be tougher than it seems, which is why it’s vital that a bus accident attorney is hired to assist you in your civil court case. Be aware that, most likely, you are not the only individual who sustained an injury and that you have a number of witnesses that will speak up for you should you take the case to court.

After an accident, take note of all that has happened. Be sure to get eyewitness accounts and take pictures of the bus, other cars, and roadway. Gathering such evidence will be vital to building a solid case in court.

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