What to Know About Nursing Home Neglect

When our loved ones are in retirement homes, we expect their stays to be peaceful and full of leisure time. The last thing they expect to be dealing with is negligence on the part of the staff. But, as we know far too well, those in nursing homes are taken advantage of far too often. Due to their age, they become easy targets. Negligence within the nursing home can manifest itself in a number of ways. Hire a nursing home negligence lawyer based out of New York to have a pair of keen eyes by your side as you look for signs of nursing home neglect. In the meantime let’s look into a few of the most common ways in which residents of nursing homes are neglected.

The main reason that the elderly enter nursing homes is that they can no longer take care of themselves. This means that assistance is vital for their quality of life. If residents of nursing homes are repeatedly ignored, left alone, or emotionally mistreated, their quality of life will inevitably be diminished. Such treatment is a clear sign of willful negligence.

As people who cannot fend for themselves, nursing home patients require employees to carry out basic duties for them. These functions may include washing clothes, helping to maintain personal hygiene, giving baths, etc. The aforementioned are basic needs that all humans should be entitled to.

Food, water, shelter, and a clean environment must be provided by all nursing homes. If the home in question doesn’t satisfy the previously stipulated standards, they have breached their agreement with the nursing home resident and can be legally penalized in a court of law.

Another common way in which nursing homes deprive residents of necessary services is by failing to provide them with adequate medical attention. The elderly are bound to run into medical issues. When this happens, their voices need to be heard.

Should at least one of the aforementioned issues happen to a loved one, you need to get in touch with a New York nursing home lawyer.