What to Know About Slip & Fall Cases

Although we all have at one time or another laughed at someone who has taken an unfortunate step and slipped, it’s not always a laughing matter. Occasionally a slip and fall will result in a serious injury. When that happens, you may want to talk to a slip and fall lawyer to determine if someone is at fault. However, not every unfortunate slip may lead to a civil lawsuit against an individual or a company. To understand what cases would stand up in a court of law we need to dig deeper into what qualifies as a slip and fall case.

If you or someone you know has taken an unfortunate spill on someone else’s property and as a result have been injured, you may have a viable case. That being said, a New York slip and fall attorney will only be willing to represent you if certain things occurred during the incident. At least one of three things must be proven to have a strong case.

If the owner or employee of the property where the injury took place spilled a fluid, ripped a carpet, or directly created an unsafe environment, they are at fault and may end up paying out.

If the owner or an employee of the property where the incident occurred knew about a potentially dangerous area and willfully did not resolve the issue, they are at fault.

Similar to the previous hypothetical, if the property’s owner or an employee did not apply the same safety standards that a “reasonable” owner or employee would and an injury takes place, they may be at fault.

What potential plaintiffs need to realize is that a slip and fall that results in an injury may, in fact, be their own fault. Proving that the owner or employee was culpable is a difficult ordeal. Consult a New York slip and fall lawyer immediately after the incident has occurred in order to ensure a favorable civil case outcome for you or a loved one.