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Personal Injury Attorney Long Beach

Headshot of Jeremy Schiowitz
Written by Jeremy Schiowitz

Personal Injury Lawyer at Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP.

Over 20 years of experience in Personal Injury.

Graduated from Brooklyn Law School: Juris Doctor, 2003.

Obtaining the fair amount of compensation is imperative after a personal injury. Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP are determined to help clients from Long Beach and surrounding areas with their compensation claims. A qualified personal injury attorney from Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP will help clients to build an effective case against the responsible party. Call to speak with an attorney that has a tremendous amount of experience helping members of the Long Beach community.

Being the victim of a personal injury because the negligence of another is a nerve-racking situation. Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP will work with you to seek the outcome you need. Building a personal injury case is the last thing you need to worry about, so Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP will take care of it for you. If you are in the Long Beach area, an attorney with a lot of history representing clients will take on your case. Long Beach residents should consider the benefits of contacting a lawyer.

For many years, Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP have fought to help clients receive compensation after a traumatic incident. Clients from the Long Beach area can expect guidance through every step of their personal injury case and assurance that their rights will be taken into account. Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP promise each client diligent protection from any party who would deny their claim to fair and complete compensation.

Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP have a plethora of experience helping personal injury victims in the Long Beach area. If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of another, you need a strong advocate in your corner. Call Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson, LLP at (212) 267-6557.

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