When a Motorcycle Accident Can Turn Into a Civil Court Case

Motorcycle accidents are both plentiful and dangerous. In 2015, 4,976 Americans died while riding a motorcycle. 88,000 sustained injuries due to accidents that took place while riding a motorcycle. While motorcycles are intrinsically more dangerous than cars, they are afforded the exact same rights on the road as cars. If you feel like your rights on the road have been infringed upon by another driver you need to get in touch with a New York personal injury or motorcycle lawyer.

If you have sustained a severe injury as a result of a motorcycle accident that occurred through no fault of your own you may want to get in touch with a motorcycle lawyer. In addition to your injuries, you’ll most likely have to pay expensive medical bills, take time off work, and deal with a potentially life-altering injury. To mitigate the financial, emotional, and physical damage that you’ve sustained, you’ll need financial backing. When dealing with civil motorcycle accident cases, people are typically dealing with insurance companies that are willing to cover the individual due to their inability to prove that the accident wasn’t their fault.

New York motorcycle accident lawyers specialize in creating compelling cases that result in a fair payout from insurance companies that previously refused to award policyholders a certain amount of money.

After an accident has occurred, you’ll want to take pictures of all vehicles involved and write down all pertinent license plate numbers. If at all possible, you should interview witnesses regarding the accident. Be sure to call the police and your car insurance company as soon as it is safe to do so.

Convincing a judge that a vehicle accident was not your fault can be a challenging endeavor that involves meticulous planning and solid evidence proving what occurred. Prepare yourself with an experienced lawyer by your side.