Motorcycle Accident Attorney in New York

motorcycle accident

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of hopping on a motorcycle and enjoying the freedom that comes with it. In New York, most riders can’t wait for the snow to melt and the sun to shine, signaling the start of the season to hit the open road. There is simply no better way to see the world up close than on the back of a motorcycle. However, there is a trade-off that comes with that unique joy. This is because motorcyclists and their passengers are much more vulnerable to sustaining severe injuries or even death if they’re involved in an accident.

In an instant, the joys of the open road can turn to life changing and sometimes tragic events. When that happens, the lawyers at Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson LLP are ready to represent the interests of motorcycle riders, doing everything they can to restore lives that would otherwise be shattered instantly by one careless act. In our experience, even the most skilled and safest riders face dangers every day, ranging from negligent, drunk and reckless car and truck drivers, to unsafe road conditions and dozens of other risks that can cause accidents through no fault of their own.

Even when riders wear protective body gear and a helmet, the chance for back and neck injuries, broken bones, lacerations, internal injuries, road rash, burns, and loss of limbs are a real concern. Unfortunately, the pain and suffering a rider endures as a result of an accident and the long recovery that follows, are generally only the beginning of working through an accident. Motorcycle riders involved in accidents face a myriad of issues that involves seeking compensation.

When a person is involved in a motorcycle accident, the damages, both physical and financial, can be extreme. If you have been in an accident that you believe was caused by someone else’s negligence, you will need a New York personal injury attorney with experience representing you.

Understanding Motorcycle Accidents

This type of accident can cause some of the most serious injuries as motorcycles give little protection to riders. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, accident deaths have doubled in the past decade. Some of the most common injuries are to the legs, feet, head and neck. These accidents can occur because other drivers may be unaware of their speed or closeness to others.

Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in New York include:

  • Faulty Equipment: Vehicle defects can slip past a manufacturer causing accidents.
  • Dangerous Conditions: While many bikes now have anti-lock braking systems and traction control, older bikes do not. Poorly-maintained roads or slick surfaces can increase the likelihood of a bike accident.
  • Driver Error: Accidents occur most often when changing lanes or at a stop light simply because of driver error.

Determining Damages After A Motorcycle Crash

Some expenses associated with a motorcycle accident that can be recovered for include:

  1. Medical bills: Serious injuries can lead to costly bills including hospital stays, surgeries, diagnostic testing, rehabilitative therapy, and future medical care.
  2. Wage Loss: If injuries prevent you from working, your lost wages can be included in a claim for recovery. Reimbursement is available even if you used vacation time or sick leave to hold you over. If you become permanently disabled, you can calculate your future losses and recover them for a reduction in earnings capacity too.

Investigating Your Crash Fully

To attain compensation for injuries sustained from your crash, the law of negligence requires a motorcycle accident attorney to prove that your crash was the fault of another driver/entity. A thorough investigation of an accident is complicated, but one of our skilled personal injury attorneys can provide this professional service. We can establish driver fault such as failing to check blind spots, tailgating, or misjudging the speed of a motorcycle. We can also access road conditions and determine if the design or construction of the road led to the accident or determine if the road was furnished with the proper signs for optimal safety. We also can inspect the bike and your safety gear to determine if your equipment was the cause of your injuries leading to a product liability lawsuit.

Choosing the Proper New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

To win your claim, a New York attorney must be able to handle all of the complicated aspects of your case. They must investigate the crash, preserve evidence from the crash, locate any witnesses, obtain any photographs of the scene, establish their fault, inspect the bike and gear for possible defects, protect you from statute of limitations deadlines, sue responsible parties, recover your medical expenses and/or lost wages, and be supportive for you along the way.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in New York

However, with our attorneys working on an accident victim’s behalf, we can apply considerable resources against powerful insurance companies to ensure that our clients receive full remuneration for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering while they focus on their return to full health. Isaacson, Schiowitz & Korson LLP proudly serves New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Nassau and surrounding communities. Contact us for a free consultation at (212) 267-6557.